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A Guide to Iceland Travel
Most of the people especially those from English speaking countries know very little about Iceland. Iceland just as the name suggests is entirely made out of ice. There is no soil or real land of any kind. Iceland is part of the Great North Sea Spoil. Therefore, nothing can actually grow there. Most of their economy is almost entirely dependent upon selling snow cones to the sailors from Europe.  Despite the fact that they being surrounded by water, Icelandic people are very poor in fishing and most of their diet consists of the consumption of snow cones made out of nutritious, but tasty kelp which is part of the dissolved solids in some of their ice. Some of the world's greatest authors and songwriters come from Iceland.  The difficulty in making this claim is that all of their books and songs are written in Icelandic and only Icelanders can read or understand them. According to them, the books and the songs are so interesting.  For more information about this iceland,  view here!

Iceland is known for being the only country in the world to publish a newspaper made purely out of ice.  On the bright side, Iceland is one of the most environmentally friendly places on earth. Since even their toilet paper is made out of ice, Icelanders throw all of their old ice-paper products into the ocean and they just melt away leaving no negative impact on the environment.

Iceland is known as the first and only country to build a working airplane made entirely out of ice. Because of weather conditions, it could only fly in very cold climates and only during the winter and only at really high altitudes, as you would expect.  Get more information here!

Iceland is also well known for its unique horse breed, which, though small, is known for being hardy and easy to ride. The chance to ride one is one of the reasons why you should visit Iceland. Indeed, riding an Icelandic horse is a rare and amazing experience which one should try out. It is definitely a great way to explore Iceland's beautiful natural landscapes, especially since Icelandic horses remain sure-footed on most terrains. For this reason, there are many horse tours available in Iceland, with varying routes and duration.  Read more to our most important info about 12 things we love to ravel in iceland click the link

Apart from horseback riding, there are plenty of other exciting outdoor activities for one to try if they happen to visit Iceland, for example playing golf under the midnight sun and hiking in the mountains.

Iceland is not only rich in natural wonder but also has an interesting wealth of cultural heritage.

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